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KRMC Requires all Paramedics to attend 6 Run Reviews per year. We are now offering the Run Reviews on a recorded playback. You can view each of the run reviews below. Once you watch the entire video, please submit the form below so that you receive credit for this run review. The department will then submit a list to Heather Miller at KRMC so you receive credit for it.


-Moment of silence in honor of Russ Paronto and Johnny Hodges may they RIP, God Speed.

-On respiratory distress patients please document a room air saturation and report this to the RN.

-Patients who come to the ED for jail clearance have to be cleared by an attending so they are not to be going to ER South. Also if the UC sends you to south and you feel like this patient does not meet that criteria speak up and get a nurse to evaluate the patient.

-When you log onto Run Review the day it is being aired please ensure that you are sending your

messages to Elisa Bizon as she is the one logging you all, I do get your messages but it is after the fact.

-When watching the recordings for Run Review to receive credit for doing so please watch the recording within the one month period and answer the few questions and send them back to me via email with the answers and you will be logged.

Calls Discussed:

-STEMI, this was discrete but had an LAD block found in cath lab.

-STEMI, obvious STEMI to cath lab in 36 min, RCA occlusion

-Hanging, unresponsive

-Full Code, remember humeral IO placement is preferred.


-Level 1 trauma with ejection, ETOH, combative.

-MVA ped vs vehicle, ETOH

-MVA pregnancy

-MVA femur fracture

-Fall patients 7/12 (58%) came in EMS; 6/7 (86%) had a c-collar, much improvement.

-There were 5 MI patients 3 NSTEMI and 2 STEMI.

              3/5 EKGs <10min transmission

              2/5 EKGs not transmitted; 1) c/o weakness and fever 79/M 2) c/o n/v/d 65/M

Questions for the recording, you should receive the recording from your supervisor/BC:

  1. The first STEMI patient had a door to balloon time of?
  2. The patient that was SOB/unresponsive had a ­_______________placed after _____ IV attempts.
  3. MVA pregnant patient was _______ months pregnant.                                                                                                                                                                   Human Trafficking Training; this affects how many people per year?

Run Review Training Verification Form

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