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Most know that the role of a fire department is to save lives and protect property. However, not everyone knows what is involved in accomplishing this most honored and heroic duty.

Firefighting is often hard and uncomfortable work that exposes an individual to a high level of personal stress and danger. A firefighter must have a high sense of personal dedication and a genuine desire to help others.

The challenge of any fire department is to recruit, promote and retain a high level of skilled and motivated men and women, who are devoted to the pursuit of maintaining the tradition and progressive excellence of the fire service profession.

The challenge of this Fire Explorer Program is two-fold. First, it is the intent of this program, in

cooperation with the Yucca Fire Department, Yucca Fire Department Explorer and other supporting fire & EMS agency professionals, to offer young men and women real life experiences, training, and exposure to the career opportunities in the fire service. Second, it provides a reliable and effective means for preparing and eventually recruiting the firefighters of tomorrow from our surrounding communities.

The Fire Explorer is part of the Yucca Fire Department career education program for young men and women who are 14 through 20 years old. Explorer is a worksite-based program that gives youths an opportunity to visit community organizations and explore the dynamics of various careers.

“The Explorer Motto” – Our best today for a better tomorrow.

Explorer is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between community organizations and the youth in that community. Local community organizations initiate a specific Explorer Yucca Fire Department, and create activities that help the youth pursue their special interests and grow and develop. This up-to-date approach to high-school-age young people helps them find their present and future roles as individuals in society and in the world of work.

It is the purpose of the Yucca Fire Department to provide young adults with an effective Explorer program designed to build character, teach responsibilities, and develop personal fitness.

Program activities center on six experience areas: career, leadership, service, social interaction, fitness, and the outdoors – to encourage the development of the whole person.

In order to meet the needs of young adults the following methods have been recommended by Yucca Fire Department: Voluntary association between youth and adult, these relationships provide care, a connection to new ways of thinking and acting, and a new identity as a responsible young adult.

Ethical decision making, Explorer provides numerous opportunities for decision-making and ethical choice.

Teamwork, Explorer activities are interdependent group experiences in which success is dependent on the cooperation of all.

Recognition of Achievement, through formal awards and/or through acknowledgment of the youth’s competence and ability by peers and adults. Explorer is about curiosity, exploration, and adventure through new experiences that provide opportunities for new skills and meaningful participation in action-oriented activities.

Explorer Application